About Ahmed Al Malki

Certified trainer in presentation and media skills from ILLAF Train Company and Al-Jazeera Institute of Media worked in many media outlets, including Qatar TV and JeemTv for children


Experiences in Media

The coach has experience facing the public since 2000 until now, where he presented many festivals, led activities for speeches, conducted dialogue sessions in writing and planning, and performed on the stage, and has media experience – television and radio – launched from 2006 until now by working on Qatar TV , Al Jazeera Children’s TV, Al Rayyan TV, Qatar Radio, Voice of the Gulf, and the Holy Quran from Doha.

Experiences in Coaching

The training trip started in 2014 on the skills of speech and speaking through the media, such as presenting TV and radio programs, where Mr. Ahmed Al-Maliki trained more than 500 trainees in facing the audience, vocal and physical performance art, and writing the course content and design, in addition to the long experience in dealing With various youth groups and children, and to upgrade their distinctive skills while mastering dealing with the (remote) training system across global application platforms.

General Experiences

The trainer has experience in facing the audience by providing TV and radio programs, and theatrical performance, which made him able to provide the trainees with many skills that help them to face the audience talk, and stand in front of the camera with full confidence, in addition to that the trainer has a long experience in writing media ideas for TV and radio programs, In addition to leading youth teams in volunteer work since 1997, and writing for young people in order to upgrade their various media skills and develop their capabilities to confront the public.

Ahmed Al-Maliki Media Initiative

Ahmed Al-Malki aspires to establish a media institution that helps the talented people to upgrade their media skills and talents to reach professionalism in the field of media of all kinds and through this site we will help everyone to build their capabilities and develop them in the contemporary Arabic language, media and dumping skills.

Certifications and Acknowledgements

  • Training course for trainers from ILLAF Train in 2009
  • He received development courses in acoustic performance and dealing with the public in its various forms.
  • The influential trainer course from the Ghaya Training Center 2016
  • He received many media courses at the Al-Jazeera Media Institute, such as television and news television presentations, television program design, and radio and audio broadcasting skills.